Seed of Hate: Gortook's Brood by Kenneth Clark & Tom Carmichael
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Movie Summary
This is the first episode to a WoW (World of Warcraft) movie that Kenneth Clark and Tom Carmichael will be working on. the beginning tells the story of Kenneth's Gortook char from the time he was 6 years old till the most resent of times....

Gortook, son of Dorgun saw and faced horrors
that no one should ever have to see. on the day of
his 6th birthday he saw his mother murdered by the dark dwarf named Findal. Three weeks later his father fell in battle defending his homeland from utter distruction. for Seven months with no home or family he was left alone forced to survive on what little food he could find. he was forced to stay on the move Until a Orc named Gorthack found him lost in the Barrens. under him he would learn the ways of the warrior. only through this could he find his true meaning. 20 long and arduous years he trained. Never setting foot on his homeland since that tragic day he returned. only to find himself joining countless others getting shipped out to defend Kargath from the Dwarfs of Iron Forge.

EDIT: The streams are in sections 1-3 of the movie you will need to click on all 3 to see it all..
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