Venorize II by Venorize
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Destromath ( Rampage )
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After a short break from wow for exams/work/RL, I'm back on my mage annoying the hell out of as many alliance as I can, in my second movie; Venorize II.

Unlike my first video which featured all frost, arcane, and fire specs, this video is more dedicated to the Fire Spec, which is my main spec for both raiding and pvp. Fire is, in my opinion, much more enjoyable and deadly than frost. Its not very long because real life pulls me off WoW so much, but I did my best with the time I had.

Anyways, hope you enjoy it! (Throwing up mirrors throughout the day.)

Note: The Live Stream is the Google Stream and is extremely poor quality. I highly recommend you use the Gametube Stream for a High Quality Stream, or simply download it for top quality.

Anyone having trouble getting the link to the Gametube stream to work can use this direct url:

A while back, comments on how I PvP'd would bother me and send me into an endless rage of QQ. These days, I've learned that as long as I am having fun, thats all that matters. Glad you liked the video to those of you who did. Hopefully (weither you consider me skilled or not) it was as enjoyable to watch for you, as it was for me to make..
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