Tehseus 2300+ Resto/Warri 2on2 by Tehseus
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Rexxar ( Verderbnis )
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Tehseus's Arena Team 1
Gimo (Bellerophon, Frotz, Milkme) Tehseus
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Hi everybody its me again, Tehseus.

After I have released the 3on3 video of my restoshaman, a lot of people told me to upload some 2v2 footage and so I did.
The 2v2 team exists two and a half weeks now, but we managed to break 2300 quiet easily (Current rating 2332).

Some things you may be interested in:

I play restoshaman with 0/20/41 spec after I figured out manatide is close to useless in 2v2.

The shaman is actually a twink, he has reached level 70 in the middle of season 3, so he still wears two s1 armour parts.

Its my first time playing arena this high with a restoshaman, so dont bee to harsh, I know I can still improve a lot.

All fights are recorded between 2250 and 2350 Rating.

My main character is Tehseus, Retribution Paladin. My next movie will hopefully be Feel the Justice 3. Atm Im studying for my exams, but I think you can expect the vid in one and a half months.

Music list can be found at the end of the movies.

And if you are interested in the tactics, stop the video to read.

Stay smiling :)
Best Greetings

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