Jacktrapper III 2300 rogue+hunter by Jacktrapper
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sunstrider ( Blackout )
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-Important- I messed up a bit with rendering on the wcm upload, filefront link coming up its a bit better quality and not so small screen, so prefer to dl from there.-

So, quite many people wanted to see more footage from out rogue/hunter 2v2 setup, so i made this:)
Its mainly arena movie and includes only 2v2 games.

The teams we fight now are alot high rated than last movie, most teams around 2200-2450 ranked in Blackout-EU battlegroup.

My spec is marksman/survival 41/20 and Axull is shadowstep with vile poisons.

Our main tactic is based around crowd controlling, not huge burst as im not beastmastery, i prefer safe wins instead steamrolling someone trought heals.

Just to people know i use scorpion to cover rogues poison:)

About difficulties, i would rank any priest/druid healer teams easiest, following by mage/lock and rogue teams. Heavy dot teams and paladin +lock/warr/rogue/hunter are hardest.

The key as hunter 2dps is not to get caught, you will die if rogue gets you and you have dots on you on same time as you cannot cloak or ice block them away:)

I heavily prefer that you would download and not stream, the quality is horrible on stream and you prolly cant even see the tactic texts, etc. Have fun watching, dont download if you want something else than arena matches.


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