Having Fun with The Aldor by Fishandz
Class: Druid | Category: Underground | Server : US - Magtheridon ( Ruin )
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A quick movie on kiting 2 mobs from the aldor rise: Vindicator Kaan and Ishana(High Priestess of the Aldor.)
Kiting Vindicator Kaan to the Scryer bank is cool because everyone else who hits him or heals the person who is kiting him will get banished out of shattrah. we use rank 1 moonfire to kite him because of his low hp.
Ishana is a little harder to kite because she is a caster....you can either wait for her to run out of mana to kite properly or attempt to keep interupting her. IMO wait for her to run out of mana might take a little while but it's easy after that. She has a lot more hp than Kaan and the longer you keep her in combat the longer the people trying to hand in Fel Armaments to her can't...once you do kill her she still has like a 5-10 minute respawn time which pisses people off.

hope you like

got the stream up ^-^

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