The Not So Black Temple by Zonrith
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Movie Summary
The Filefront (new ver) feed has substantial modifications to the audio, based off the comments many of you provided, and the guidance others gave me. My thanks for all the help in making improvements.

This is, in short, a redub of the Black Temple gameplay trailer Blizzard released for Patch 2.1.0.

I got the idea after seeing Ian Beckman's REAL Fury of the Sunwell trailer (, which made me think that I could have a lot of fun working with one of Blizzard's creations. This is not a video edit (other than the ending logo, obviously), the goal was to keep the video and change the story within its confines.

I didn't want to retell the trailer with the main concepts intact, but rather to pull a 180 and completely change what the trailer even meant. I felt the Black Temple gameplay trailer offered a pretty good means to do that.

As there seems to be confusion for people as to why this is listed as a comedy despite it not being just a series of jokes, it is because it is an exercise in comic irony. It is a form of comedy, but not the sort you usually see here. The humor stems from how the situation presented differs from reality (reality being the "real" trailer or, for those familiar, with the Black Temple plot-line). While I did put in a few jokes, that is not the focus of the humor, and comic irony is not a very "haha" form for a lot of people. So, if you just want a bunch of jokes, this movie is not going to satisfy you. Sorry.

Sound effects in the movie are from several online sites offering free effects downloads. I did all the voicing via Audacity. I edited the movie together in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 11. The background music is Doomhammer's Legacy by Tracy Bush (from Warcraft III)..
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