Druid Vs. Outlands by Goldpaw
Class: Druid | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Draenor ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary

Aloha people!

This is a little movie I slapped together of me soloing some more or less easy bosses located at various places in the Outlands. I am not trying to break any records, nor to show off any skills. Also, there are no heroic bosses in this movie, nor are there any extremely hard encounters. Tank and spank all the way! I don't show any clearing before the bosses, because there isn't any. I stealth in.

The unfriendlies that got to have private time with me in this movie are as follows:
- Watchkeeper Gargolmar
- Omor the Unscarred
- Vazruden & Nazan
- Broggok
- Keli'dan the Breaker
- Mennu the Betrayer
- Hungarfen
- The Black Stalker
- Ruul the Darkener

I also really wanted to include a Durn the Hungerer kill, but it's simply impossible for me to get him down without tons of friendly players rushing in to help me! Problem with doing stuff solo on my server, is the fact that everybody is so damn nice here. They'll help you whether you want it or not! (And quite possibly the daily Nagrand quests is keeping the area more crowded than it used to be before...)
/salute Draenor EU

Mennu and Keli'dan are my first time ever solo kills. You can notice by how much I screw up in the start; I didn't destroy Mennu's totems at first, and vs Keli'dan I attempted catform! Anyway, those were both easy fights when I got it right, and with the right sequence of DPS/healing I could have kept it up pretty much forever. Same goes for the Black Stalker. Tricky fight due to not a lot of room for healing, but done correctly, you can keep it up for ages! Against Hungarfen I hardly heal at all, which is not how I usually do it. He hits really really slow, so there's good time to shift out, throw on a HoT or two, and shift in. However, having obtained somewhat better gear since my first times soloing him, it's turned into more of a pure tank/spank encounter. And why make it harder than it has to be...? ;)

Music & addons used are all listed at the credits. If you want to know, read it there. The movie is running at about +30% speed, simply because bearfights are boring enough as it is to watch! This is only my 2nd movie ever, so be kind and forgiving when you rate me. I know I'm a n00b, so no need to rub it in! ;)


There's a small black hole in the movie at around 14:11 vs Mennu. Sound is fine though. Somehow I screwed it up and didn't notice it before I rendered and uploaded it. And with 3 hours of rendering + 6 hours of uploading, I really can't be arsed to fix it. .
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