Eviscerate 8: Apocalypse T6 Mut, Storyline by Akrios
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Gurubashi ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
This is a mutilate video because I still find daggers more exciting to both watch and play. There is no arena in this video. I also decided to incorporate some plot into this video to keep things interesting.

Spec Used: 41 / 20 / 0 Mutilate

Disclaimer / Notes (if you read nothing else, read this):

- Grenades and potions are used in “against the odds” situations.

- Expect both 1v1s and 1vn’s, some arranged duels, mostly unarranged world pvp

- I did put plot / story elements into this video. The focus remains on the pvp, but I thought I would go outside the box a bit.

- A rogue is forced to go all out in situations against comparable players. If you don't understand that rogues need cooldowns in difficult situations or against difficult opponents, especially as mutilate, then this video is most likely not for you.

- I’d like to note that both Alexandra (merciless gladiator, warglaive, grand marshal warrior) and Tipss (Top ten ranked full gladiator mage) won a clear majority of the duels we had. In order for me to win as mutilate the fight had to be played almost flawlessly, which is difficult against quality opponents.

Gear: Full Tier 6, Full vengeful, Shard of Azzinoth and Shiv of Exsanguination. Different gear is used depending on the situation.

Opponents: The vast majority of the people fought 1v1 in the video are marshall, grand marshall, gladiators, or full vengeful players.

Arena Credentials (Because I know this is important to some people before they download a video): 2400+ 4th place 5v5, top 10 3v3 S1, 2550 5v5 as mutilate S2, currently 2400+ double rogue 2v2, 12th place on tournament realm round 1.

Interface: A list of addons and a download link are available here: http://roguerogue.com/?p=35


Akira Yamaoka – Memory of Waters
Immediate Music – Gothic Power
John Newton Howard – The Orange Man
Sensation White – Anthem (2004)
Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls
Kamelot – Rule the World
Adema – Immortal
Ernesto vs Bastien – Super Jupiter
Immediate Music – Avenger
Erik Satie – Gympnopedie No. 1

I appreciate you taking the time to watch. As always, comments and constructive criticism are appreciated and valued. If you have any questions I would appreciate if you emailed me at [email protected], or pm’d me on warcraftmovies. I usually answer in game tells but when I have a chance to play WoW I prefer to focus on it, and answering questions is sometimes difficult.

Everyone has different musical tastes; if these songs aren't enjoyable to you, I suggest muting and playing your own.

From here I’ll likely make some arena videos, possibly Eviscerate 9 before expansion, but that isn’t for sure.

For updates, blogs, rogue info, tutorials, and more.

Be sure to check out my new site, http://roguerogue.com

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