Diary of a Corruptor by Sorrow
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Twisting Nether ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary

Unstable Affliction PvP
By Sorrow of Twisting Nether EU
Spec: 43-7-11 (Unstable Affliction / Shadowburn)

- World PvP.
- Modest 3v3 Arena section ~2200 (UA Lock/Shadowpriest/Mutilate Rogue).
- Duels against anti-classes (Rogues, Warriors, SLSL Locks).
- Battlegrounds.
- 2v1 Arena.
- Cinematics.
- Random observations.

If you are put off by any of the following then you should avoid this video.
- Engineering.
- 1 v X against UNDERGEARED or UNSKILLED opponents.
- Absence of soul link or monster crits.
- Unusual editing style.
- Line of sight, range or deadzone kiting.
- Siphon life abuse.
- DoTs + kiting: if you think it's easy with this class/spec then I'd recommend trying it and don't bother watching this.
- The idea of PvP existing outside of Cyclone BG.

- Heart's Filthy Lesson: David Bowie
- Shrinking Universe: Muse
- The Pot: Tool
- Tightrope: Papa Roach
- Moscow: Rammstein
- Knife Party: Deftones
- Overdose Delusion: Akira Yamaoka
- Betrayal: Akira Yamaoka
- You're Not Here: Akira Yamaoka

- Bartender 3
- AG Unit Frames
- Natur Enemy Cast Bars
- Proximo
- Afflicted (modified)
- Class Timers
- Cooldown Timers
- Scrolling Combat Text (modified)

3.0.2 Versions of Addons with relevant WTF files:

Absolutely no model-changing has been used. All gear graphics are accurate, certain racial changes are the result of an engineering trinket.

If you are interested in seeing Affliction / Mutilate 2v2 then I would recommend Saragon's "Plan B" and "Free" movies. For this reason there is no 2v2 in this video.

I have included a link to a small selection of related artwork for anyone who may be interested, mainly done with Modelviewer and Photoshop, along with links to talent specs used.

Download for best quality. The streaming links are, as always, poor and tend to freeze for a moment at the beginning of some sections. If you really don't want to download then the Vimeo stream is much higher quality than Filefront.

PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this video is purely to entertain and hopefully prove that there is still life in this sadly underused spec. Those who dueled often won in other fights if their wins are not shown, but the matches I believed to be most entertaining and which best showed 1v1 strategy were selected. I do not claim to be anything above an average warlock (as you will see from the number of mistakes and poor choices made) or editor but I also do not believe in playing an unenjoyable spec for the sake of arena ratings.

UPDATE: This is an affliction video and does contain DOT KITING. If you don't find this playstyle entertaining then please don't waste your time watching it. It seems that a few people were expecting large crits or maybe even some melee fighting by the sound of it. Many thanks for the constructive comments and criticism so far - Very much appreciated.

Hope you enjoy the video.
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