Wrath of Ages Vs. Magtheridon by Alucio
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Malorne ( Vengeance )
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Movie Summary
WoA's first downing of Magtheridon. Enjoy. Alucios PoV


Warriors: Arioch, Drunky, Foxmaster

Paladins: Youngboy, Fudgepop, Raziel

Rogues: Deaner, Liquidgeist

Hunters: Zerridwen, Alucio

Mages: Morticić, Taylynn, Divyanu, Curvess

Priests: Maleficabbot, Balzabar, Argothea

Shamans: Granoth, Shabenjai, Thundahr

Warlocks: Aericura, Zakura, Julissica

Druids: Dreggo, Sprinkels

Good job guild! Now to T5!.
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