World of Retcraft by Nanoonoodle
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Mazrigos ( Reckoning )
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Please watch the video more than 2 minutes, otherwise you'll miss the purpose of this movie!

This movie is about Retribution paladins. The movie aims to show realistic pvp. What it takes to beat a good player as a retribution paladin? Or is it possible at all? It also shows some problems retribution paladins are struggling against. But do not worry! The editing is kept
fast-paced and some of the clips are timed with the music. So, this movie should be entertaining, whether you are a paladin or not.

I worked really hard so I could finish this movie before I go to army. That being said, it's appreciated if you have patience to download the movie instead of streaming. It's only 260 megabits large, and it looks like Vimeo stream out of sync, but that's nothing large.

Try to understand, my native language isn't english. I apologize my spelling and grammar mistakes.

Current state of retridins

Retribution paladins have so many weaknesses. Our class is so flawed it can't be fixed with few minor changes. Retri has been like that since TBC, that's over 1 years.

Lots of good suggestions are being made every single week on paladin forums. There has been many constructive topics about retribution problems and flaws, especially by experienced paladins, such as Nex, Halmir and Cromfel. It simply looks like Blizzard doesn't want to make retridins viable, they don't care. Old s1 and s2 retri sets are good examples.

I fed up with all that. So I decided make a movie about it. Maybe it will make people realise what retri's current state is, leading slowly the game developers realize it too.

I'll leave advanced ranting to others. As I already mentioned, the paladin forums are full of good and constructive topics.
Example 1
Example 2


Insolence - Poison well
She - Orbit It's free! Just click the link.
Angelspit - Fallen Angel
Fatboy Slim - Gangster Tripping
She - Day 2
she - coloris
Dust Brothers - Psycho Boy Jack

Soft used:

Adope Photoshop CS2
Wow Model Viewer
Sony Vegas

Some basic movie making guides I used:
All the stickied topics! Really helpful!
Montagical's video tutorials on youtube.

Thanks to:
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