Darkness II: trailer by Erunno
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Roughly a year after I released the "not so good" first part of the trilogy, I'm now releasing a short trailer for the upcoming second part which will hopefully be released this summer.
Again I would like to thank everyone who watched and commented the first part. I took the constructive comments seriously and fixed the problems that the first part had. I am currently editing the movie in a Hi-Def resolution. I improved the editing in the movie, hired new (and better) voice actors, which was the biggest problem in the first part. I hope the work invested will we worth it.

STILL LOOKING FOR VOICE ACTORS!! The movie is almost complete from a visual stand point. But what I still need are some solid voices for some side roles (dwarfs, dwarfs, dwarfs, ugh... And a tauren). For more information and to see some of my other movies, please visit erunno.warcraftmovies.com

Wanna help in some other way? Spotlight vote any of my other movies if you liked them!

PS: The WeGame stream is slightly better than the filefront one. It also didn't streched the video which is now in a "real" 16:9 , or wide-screen resolution.

EDIT: Rant ahoy, about the comments of the comments on Erunno's Thoughts!.
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