Fusion Vs. Solarian (speed kill) by Kyth (StratFu)
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Turalyon ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
Speed-kill of Solarian: 58 seconds, over 56,000 raid dps, using Kael weapons, full raid buffs, etc., and killed her before adds ever spawned (which is what allowed the fast kill.) We took four healers, but that was overkill: we believe we can do it with only two next time, and we can also do some better positioning -- we didn't expect the kill to go quite as fast as it did!

The filming/production was done by Rottenapple. The music is Axel Grinder by Pendulum (first few minutes clipped since the movie is so short.)

Fusion is a US PvE Horde guild on the Turalyon server. Before Sunwell, we released videos of a 2-hour SSC clear (when we were midway through BT progression) and a 2 hour 43 minute BT clear.

With KJ dead (11th US, first Horde PvE), we are finding other ways of amusing ourselves, clearing content quickly and producing speedrun videos of most of the game.

Visit our website at Fusion of Turalyon Home Page

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The same night we also killed Gruul in under 90 seconds (one shatter):
Gruul in 1m 28 seconds

Sunwell strats, speed runs, video guides, and more: http://strats.fusion-guild.org

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