Racka V1.5 by Deflowered
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Onyxia ( Nightfall )
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Movie Summary
Hey everyone!
Since quitting wow a couple months ago, i've always been tempted to open up vegas and finish this movie, i never got around to it because it thought i lost all the clips!
but i found a few - and decided to throw together this video for you guys.
It is completly for entertainment only, its really a light hearted and fun attempt a pvp video, nothing remotely serious or any crazy arena,
just me Enjoying the game, which so many people forget to do now adays!
I hope it show cases some skill, i beleive its worth the download:)!

What to expect:
Some casual 1750-1850 rated arena (double mage)
No duels (quit before i got some clips:P)
Lots of bg and crit scenes (haha)
Me mispelling my server name at the beginning lol!
anything new to the frost mage genre lol
and Just casual fun playing! :)
watching it now, maybe a bit to much zooming:( oops!

What not to expect:
ubzor l33tzor skillz;)
my head so far up my own ass its sad (cough oylien uncough)
Good Gear
Addons of any kind
Good editing lol

So there it is:)
hope you guys enjoy my last wow endeavor;)!


p.s - i didn't have a graphics card, so i apollogize for any frame rate issue, or really bad stream quality:P (you got to do the best with what you got!)
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