Final Warcraft VI [Remastered Version] by BaronSoosdon
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Movie Summary

What you are about to see is a WoW machinima remake of the Final Fantasy VI ending cinematic (from the PlayStation version).

For comparison, you can see the original PS ending here.

The reason is that you want to get everything out of Caruu's kick ass sound design!

If you have a subwoofer in your household, this clip will give it some lovin' - turn those volume knobs to the max!

I submitted this movie to WWI'08 machinima contest, but it got disqualified
(for obvious reasons).

This remastered version here is a bit improved from the WWI cut.
The opening texts are changed to the exact same ones as in the original ending cinematic + now there is Final Fantasy music on the movie.


.:zomg! a full storyline machinima?!:.
It is very likely that this idea will give birth to something bigger: we are on the pre-production phase of adapting the FFVI story to Warcraft setting.

There are no such thing as release date for now - WOTLK is very necessary for the full-length machinima project.


editing - me
logo design + rendered sequence - Pinkhair
sound design - Caruu

And of course.. Drewbie for sparking the idea for this "trailer".


.:comparison pictures:.
These are shown in the ending credits too,
but some of you might wanna take a closer look.



"Final Fantasy VI Variations"
by Jeremy Soule
download available at OCRemix

"Seasons of War"
by Blizzard Entertainment

"Final Fantasy Ending Theme"
by Nobuo Uematsu


.:WWI'08 cut of the movie:.
For those intrested, the version I submitted to WWI'08 is also available to view.

YouTube Stream Stream
Download (144 mb - XViD)


#machinima @ Quakenet IRC - a place where you will never get rickrolled

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