Naxxramas PUG on Dunemaul - Kel'Thuzad by doown
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Dunemaul ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Naxxramas PUG raid on June 11 2008. I recall this was our second attempt on him, which surprisingly lead to a kill thanks to a shadow priest tanking (!) the ultimate villain of Vanilla WoW for a major part of the fight. Yes, some of the encounters in old instances can be pretty much zerged down with pure stat supremacy.

This is not a display of skill or effort, this is more of a tribute to the best instance in WoW that has been thoroughly seen by only a handful of people. I believe every one of the raid members were at some point through the night struck by the thought that someone actually did this at level 60.

We really enjoyed our time there, and there actually are regular weekend pugs to Naxxramas on Dunemaul. If you'd like to join these raids, be sure to check out for raid times and looting rules.

I'm really looking forward to the retuned Naxxramas in the expansion. If you haven't seen this instance before, be sure to check this out!

(...and oh, this is my first released movie, so don't be so harsh on the sloppy editing).
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