Xahlior 6 - 2200 Lock by Xahlior
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Frostmourne ( Bloodlust )
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If you don't enjoy arena videos then this is not for you. It contains alot of running in circles and facerolling dots with little to no editing, along with some relatively drawn out games. The spec used is SL/SL which itself is pretty bland (I wish I could play a more exciting spec but this is the only viable one). The video is, I would think, more to help people, than give thrilling entertainment.

This is a slight change from my previous videos. I recently stopped playing my warrior and started playing a warlock mainly for PvE purposes, but decided to do a bit of PvP in the downtime.

This is a warlock video from around week 2-3 of season 4 against teams at around 1950-2200 rating in the 3v3 bracket on battlegroup 9, on the road to 2200 for shoulders. All games are played as Warrior/Warlock/Druid with our team consisting of oceanic players. Unfortunately our druid doesnt use a microphone so thats why hes constantly spamming raid warning and we overlap a bit of CC.

All the music in this video is New Zealand music, and contains a little nongeneric too. If you do not like it I am sorry, you can always mute it and play your own if that helps..
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