"I Am Murloc" 100% Expert Co-op (World 14th) by Grievouz
Class: Paladin | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Drenden ( Emberstorm )
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Movie Summary
More Guitar Hero L70ETC vids yay!

This video is of myself - Grievouz of US Drenden, and Restrain of US Drenden, getting 100% FC (Full Combo) on the "I Am Murloc" song as performed by L70ETC, on the expert difficulty in co-operative mode.

Grievouz (Left side - Lead Guitar)
Restrain (Right side - Bass)

The score managed to maintain 14th worldwide, according to Guitarhero.com with the score ending at "441,816", and additionally a 1406 note streak.

We had pretty much just woken up and hadn't gone over the star power path so we probably could have managed to get top 10 with a much higher score, but we are pretty happy with the results nonetheless.

Played on an Xbox 360 downloaded from the Xbox live marketplace.

My Xbox live gamertag = XxLa Z BoyxX
Restrains = xPowertripx

And about the "...?" right at the end of the movie. At that point in time, I probably would have consumed 3-4 coffees and I was a little light-headed. I can't even remember what I mumbled, so don't even ask lol. If you have any other questions regarding guitar hero or anything else, email me at "[email protected]" or visit me on drenden anytime!

Youtube stream is on the way.If possible please download the video before watching/rating the movie. The streams are viewable, especially the Vimeo stream, which has the best quality out of the streams, but they still dull the quality by a large amount.

I've mainly kept the actual MP3 of the song over the video for better viewing, but there is a point in the movie where I cut in our strumming for about 10 secs so you can understand how restrain broke his own guitar and had to use mine, and also right at the end so you can hear my stupid mumbling.

We play real guitar also but are not as good with real guitars as we are with plastic ones.

Oh and thanks to "Toox" for posting his recent video of getting 100% on the medium difficulty on the song.

See his video here ->http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=82381<

EDIT: And sorry for not putting guitar hero in the title, and a quick mention that a s4 5v5 vid is on the way! We are currently 4th on the BG.

Hope you all enjoy.

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