Security Vs. Kil'Jaeden [Lore Mode] by Solidus
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Security has once again recorded their third succesfull encounter with Kil'Jaeden. And invites you into this truly epic and awesome encounter inside the Sunwell Plateau. The Kil'Jaeden encounter inside the Sunwell is both epic and Legendary. And hopefully the movie below will convince you of just that.

The movie can be seen in 2 version, both low and high resolution. The low resolution is made available via streaming. The high resolution download can be received via Filefront. We truly hope you will enjoy this encounter as much as we do every week. And i made sure nothing will go unnoticed. Every scene and every fantastic voice over is recorded and shown in the movie. Including Anveena's Sacrifice and the closing segments of the Burning Crusade, the rebirth of the Sunwell.

With both easy to notice raid and unitframes. Combined with constant Kil'jaeden focus targets, this movie can also help you figuring out tactics or answering your questions. We truly hope you will enjoy this.

Music Used:

Theme from Terminator
DJ Tiesto - Forever Today
Marco Borsato ft. Sita - Lopen op het water (Instrumental)

PoV: Solidus Restoration Druid (Night Elf)

Security Frostmane EU.
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