NOTHING lasts forever by muri
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Movie Summary
NOTHING lasts forever is about an orc, who lost his wife (yeah, orcs and bloodelfes fit!), who was first slaved and later killed by Kil'jaeden.

Her death caused him do slide away in a life of drugs and addiction. After a couple months he came in contact with "green nether", a drug brew by alchemists in several wars to ease the pain of dying soldiers.
After getting popular, the drug became the most dealt one in Azeroth.

The movie actually shows the last green-nether-shot of that orc through which he falls into a dream of revenge, grief and comming to terms with his fate.


It was made in 3 days with AEE, APP and Photoshop. The scenes were recorded with WeGame, which I won't do again because of its 20fps limit and weired resolutions. (Although its free and beta, so you may keep an eye on it)
Because of the named issues the picture quality isn't really HD, so don't expect to much. ;)

I hope you'll enjoy my first machinima and leave me comments to improve myself

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