Hand of the Ebon Blade vs Blood Furnace - WotLK DK 5man (Beta) by Rinion
Class: Unknown | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Moonglade ( Reckoning )
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Here we have Hand of the Ebon Blade storming BF!

Just a few clips of a BF guild run we did today, i have the maker in twice! We farmed him for the gloves which are imba for Unholy spec, first kill was about 4 seconds that i forgot to Fraps, with some Blood Strikes critting up to 3k, and then we tried to get him faster. The whole run in total took us 25 mins, and we had one corpse run before the 2nd boss, which ended in Pale kiting 2 mobs to death.

We all forgot about the DoT's on the last boss, otherwise AMS would have saved us =P

We were all between 61 and 64 for the levels, so nothing too over the top, and its mostly still the start gear on all of us with one or two parts changed.

PS; I know i suck, didnt have anything hotkeyed.
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