Unleash vs Kil'Jaeden by Gashok
Class: Shaman | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Gorgonnash ( Blutdurst )
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***WARNING*** Do not mock Trance/Progressive Music - If you do not like that kind of music, mute the video after the intro and play your own. ***WARNING***

Okay, so this is the first movie I release without professional help. I learned a lot of stuff when making it (like not frapsing in 50fps if you want to release a 30fps movie to prevent loss of quality), so please do not judge too hard, I know already that the quality is bad sometimes and that there are jumps in the movie (had to cut some frames out, because the converting process from 50 to 30 fps broke some parts of the movie).

Thanks to Toryama for making the Intro and helping me to correct some of the errors.

Stream should be available soon and sufficient for watching.

My UI might look messy to some, but I can handle it, so sorry if you do not like it (I actually disabled some of the Combat-text-spam by now though).

Songlist (in Order of appearance - without intro)
- Kode IV - Visions
- Matt Darey - Nocturnal Delight
- Octagen and Arizona - Profound
- The Gift - Love Angel (main mix)
- Sasha & John Digweed - Northern Exposure - Expeditions (Expedition 1)
- Vibrasphere - In Control.
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