Schwingen des Phoenix vs. Kil'jaeden by Sativasannah
Class: Priest | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Zirkel des Cenarius ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
When you remember me, you can probably see that I changed the guild + server.

This had personal reasons, and I really miss a lot of people, but yeah, life goes on, hm?

Anyway, jumping M'uru (and many people told me how lucky I was!), I was able to participate in one of the greatest firstkills I've had in a very long time ... Kil'jaeden!

I just love this fight. It's so dynamic, and yeah, of course you'll see some mistakes done by me. But hell, honestly? I love being completely zoned out!
Bäm bäm, survive, bäm bäm, kill him!

And it was a lot of fun editing this movie, too.

The SDP trailer needs some work, I need a different background, that's for sure. Ah well, I'm sure with Wotlk I'll find something nice ;)

Anyway, music is as following:

Hunger - Black Hawk Down OST

Apocalyptica - Farewell

1. Are you ready
2. Never die
3. Higher

Maria Callas - Ave Maria (Verdi - Otello)

Yeah, what else to say? Have fun! :).
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