Cylia 1 Arenas by Cylia
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Cylia's Arena Team 1
Lesdo Cylia
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--------------- PLEASE read this before watching, it's not that much text! :( ---------------

Note: Streaming this movie will give you bad quality and less watching experience. I highly recommend youto download the movie from one of the download mirrors! Thanks.


This is my second wow movie, and my first pvp movie.
I actually didn't plan on posting this movie on other sites than my own server and BG forum, but why not!? :)

This movie contains, as the category says, arena pvp from late season 3 in all brackets, from 2200 to 2400 rating, with comments that explains our main tactics.

The setups I'm running are the following:

2v2: Shadowpriest, Rogue
3v3: RMP
5v5: Euro

However, my fraps has been hassling so the games displayed in this movie are picked from the last ones I played in season 3, but the quality is good enough.

And please, don't judge me after mistakes my opponents are doing, and don't judge me after their skills.

Songs are listed in the credits.

Thanks to Pinkhair for the amazing pic!

Thanks for reading!


Other works:

Melee: How to Sunwell part 1

Cylia 2: Infamous

Cylia 2.5: Killing Spree

Edit: Thanks for all the comments, everyone, it really motivates me to make another movie! =D And as you can see above it won't be an arena only movie, which I know can be kinda boring to watch =P

Edit 2: About the priest&rogue typo, I watched the movie around 10 times to prevent those things but meh :(

Edit 3: agaaaain, thanks for the comments! I feel so flattered =D I really wish I had time to write thanks to everyone with a PM lol ^^

However, for everyone that wants a priest PoV: our mage friend comes in a week, then we'll start do 3v3, RMP with a shadowpriest x) Will hopefully make a 3 PoV movie!
But until then, world pvp moviemaking time! x)

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