WotlK: Elemental Shaman by Tikkah
Class: Shaman | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Test Server Europe
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Questing in WotlK is pretty fun with the new Elemental Shaman Talents like "Thunderstorm", "Paralysis" and "Storm, Earth and Fire" (and yes, I'm wearing full resto gear in the Video!)

'Cause I got so much comments concerning my resto gear I would like to add: Spelldamage and Healing are merged into a new single stat called Spellpower in WotLK. So actually the Crystal Spire of Karabor (Illidan Healing Mace) has more Spellpower than Wub's Cursed Hexblade (the ZA Spelldamage Dagger), for example. So all resto gear is now suitable for both damage AND healing spells - except for other stats like crit, hit or setbonuses. .
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