Monsters Inc vs M'uru by Kutz
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Dragonblight ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
I better say this straight away so people don't go yelling at me (because we all know that *everyone* watched PvE movies :>). Secondly, a word from the president.

"Phew, one hell of a fight this was, I'm glad it's finally over and I can honestly say we deserved it. We had loads of holidays issues over the last 2 months and half the M'uru raids were cancelled due to this reason (you need a very specific set-up for this, or don't even bother going). It took us 16 raid evenings and around 70 hours of wiping (we did change tactics a few times though), each and every single attempt going fully potted. I think we can fairly say that each individual wasted over 3 - 5k gold on this boss. So the yelling on Ventrilo in the end of it was quite amazing." - Druido, Raid Leader of Monsters Inc

The movie contains quite a bit of non-fight material. Obviously it's going to be mostly entertaining to us guildies, at least I hope so, but I think even the outsider might giggle at certain points. We sure as hell deserved a break with this one, so the next week we came back and 2-shotted the bugger. Killed post-nerf yes, but we worked for two months on him pre-nerf and I can safely say it was the lack of certain people that kept us from killing him. If nerf had not happened, we'd maybe have taken 80 hours instead, but down he would've gone anyway. Hells yeah!

Edit: Thanks to WCM for sorting a HQ stream out. Much obliged!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the movie, and if not, you most likely weren't there :) See you at Kil'jaeden.

Howard Shore - Concerning Hobbits
Terminator II - Theme
Mustasch - Double Nature
Albert Hammond Jr - In Transit
Powerman 5000 - Action
Fatboy Slim - Brimful Of Asha
Michael McDonald - Aint No Mountain High Enough.
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