2200+ Rogue/Mage/Shadowpriest 3 DPS by rogeron
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Nazjatar ( Glutsturm )
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Movie Summary
Hey guys,
let's start with the description:

What to expect?
- 2200+ 3on3 Arena with a 3 DPS Lineup (Rogue/Mage/Shadowpriest) Top 10 ranked at the beginning of Season 4 (rating will change)
- PoV from Mage/Shadowpriest
- different types of music (electronix, funny music, rock, etc.pp)
- some funny parts
- no super-skilled editing

If you dont like the music turn it off and play your own music (and please don't rate it bad because it wasnt your taste of music), criticisms and comments welcome =)

We founded our team at the end of season 3 and a lot of people asked me how we play and how we could reach gladiator ranking without healing so i decided to make this movie..
I added some screens in which you can see our rankings in season 4 (we were rank#1 the first week, top 5 rankings the other weeks)

Yeah, i know that the ingame quality isnt that good at all but i couldn't record it with better fraps quality. I had to record in Half Size because my system doesn't work with full size fraps (i'd have to play with ~10 fps). Also i didn't do a lot with the editing, because i think it's more important to see what & how we play

Songlist at the end of the movie, by the way we dont use pve gear or any other abuses and shit like that.

Produced & edited by Carn.
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