Pyrilus 4 - Learn 2 Lock by Pyrilus
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Pyrilus 4 - Learn 2 Lock by Pyrilus from Cho'gall, Rampage BG.

The movie is pretty much self-contained. Addons, music, and contact info are listed at the end of the movie. Also, I forgot to credit Jerein for helping me out with Vegas. So... thanks Jerein! The addon that shows kick, pummel, and other short cooldowns is called Afflicted2.

UPDATE: I added additional clips against 2 other RDs that have much better gear. As you can see, the fights take a lot longer. I didn't edit it because I wanted to get it out quickly, but I wish I had a little. There's a part where we try to coordinate a hard summon on a VW, but it takes too long and we don't get it right. There's also a part where my druid runs out of mana quickly and we have to play defensively. CoW on the rogue and fearing as much as possible is the way to do that. Also, keep trying to fake their kicks!

Also, the google video link is absolute trash quality, but oh well.

The reason I chose some of those fights towards the end was because I felt the movie was running a little long, so I picked them for their brevity. Believe it or not, the choice in fights are: 1) to pick longer games against more skilled and geared opponents, 2) pick faster fights that are arguably more entertaining, but deemed less skillful.

So I picked a mix of the two.

Lineage 2 (music) - Deep Shadows
Radiohead - Backdrifts
Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane
High Contrast - If We Ever
High Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
High Contrast - Metamorphosis
Pendulum - Orion Planet

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