Eredar Twins Warlocktank Guide by Chukko
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Gorgonnash ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Hey there,
after we have managed to kill the Twins last evening, i decided to make a little guide from my pov as warlocktank on Alythess.

It was the first evening that i frapsed our tries, the quality of the frapsed files was already that bad, that i decided to make it just a small movie and not a big entertaining one^^

In fact it's just our first kill with little notes from myself, giving tips as warlocktank.

I'm using Windows Movie Maker so please don't expect too much ;)

Hope to inspire some guilds who are about to start their first tries on the Twins.

*edit* ofc it shoud be thu 21.08.08^^.
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