Von'zul by Erunno
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Honourable mention on the WeGame august MachinimaContest!

A short film that I made for the WeGame august Machinima Contest. It's not groundbreaking but I had the idea for this movie for quite a while now and the contest gave the will to finally get the story on "tape".

The movie shows the story of a troll named Von'zul, who lost his parents when he was still a baby and that got found and adopted by a young ranger. She raised him as her own son and together they travel around the world and try to survive in the cruel world.

Please feel free to give any kind of useful feedback (no, "wtflolololol, wheres Peveepeeh?" is not useful in any way) that will help me the next time I release a movie.

Visit Erunno's Thoughts for more of my movies and lot's of crazy rants, reviews, guides and more written by a crazy elf and his stable of pets.

EDIT: Added a Filefront link.

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