ACIDDAGGER 5 - Rogue Vs. Rogue Dueling by Acidagger
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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ACIDDAGGER- Acidd 5, Rogue v. Rogue Dueling

LEVELING ANOTHER NEW CHARACTER (FEMALE HUMAN PALADIN) NAME: ACIDPAL, on bleeding hollow atm may jump to cho gall, not sure.

LEVELING A NEW CHARACTER (FEMALE HUMAN ROGUE) NAME: ACIDLOL OR ACIDDLOL, search armory i jump servers often. Please divert all questions to that character, thanks :)

LEVELING ANOTHER NEW CHARACTER (MALE UNDEAD MAGE) NAME: ACIDLOL. I am decently experienced on a mage, if you would like a preview watch my fourth video. I will be making a video on that character over the course of my 70-80 leveling process. Search armory as i jump servers often; however i do believe i will be leveling on cho gall, please divert all questions to that character, thanks :)

Acidd 5

-This video was made with Windows Movie Maker
-This video is a rogue video
-You may want to consider adjusting your volume as the video goes on. Working with multiple layers of audio is ridiculously tedious and in some cases nearly if not completely impossible using the program.

Sup, and welcome everyone to my fifth video, this one is going to be all rogue vs. rogue duels with some added voice commentary. Because I was having issues transferring vegas 7 to my new computer, (which if anyone is educated on the matter, I would appreciate some help by a PST in game, name is “Aciddag”.) I was forced to make this video with Windows Movie Maker, which is quite limited in many ways. This video was recorded over a weekend of pretty much some of the better rogues I have seen on my new server thus far, being Cho’gall. One of the things that really influenced me to make this one was the realization that I wasn’t too great at rogue duels myself, so this is a way of learning. The video includes some basic stuff you may already know, with possibly a few things that can add to your knowledge base of the class. Many people say rogue versus rogue duels “take no skill”, or “prove nothing” I am not here to necessarily sway your opinion, but rather to explain that there can be a certain art to it. The rogue with the opener may have the advantage, but it’s within how well they perform their opener and how you react to it than can either turn the duel around, or leave it in their favor. RNG happens, can’t do anything about it, and especially in rogue v rogue duels it has major, even match deciding consequences. Every rogue I included in this video has substantial knowledge of their class, most of them having gear to back it up. Before this turns into a Gameriot blog, I’m going to end and let you watch, enjoy!!!

The video is divided into different segments:
-Shs v. shs with voice over
-Shs v. mut with voice over
-Informational section (short)
-Select duels without voice over

If you do not like the commentary i decided to add with this new one, please feel free to skip to the second half of it, i was very experimental.

My gear in this video:
4/5 season 2
1/5 season 4
S3 Mutilate oh
S1 Main Hand (Fist) / S2 Main Hand (Mace)

20/0/41 Shadowstep
54/0/7 Mutilate (last duel, sorry =/)
My specs were focused on dueling strengths against rogue as a rogue, being 90% of the rogues playing today are 20041 shs, in order to keep up with them I had to spec it myself in order to consistently have fair duels, remember I am an average rogue here.

Song List:
Ronald Jenkees- Distortion LOL
Kevin Rudolf ft. Weezy- Let It Rock
Parkway Drive- Pandora
Radiohead- Idiotique
Killswitch Engaged- End Of Heartache
M.I.A- Paper Planes

My Interface:
My UI is very simple, i do not use many mods, in arena it is different however. From what is shown in this video these are my mods:

StunWatch (simple rogue stun timer)
Bongos (used to hide most things, and for my binds)
AG Unit Frames (configure as classic frames/borders)
e Casting Bar (used to change my casting bar)
Error Monster (Hides the red error messages)
Bagnon (combines all my bags into one)

Hope you all enjoy the video; this was an alternative to my regular world pvp films. If you have a question message me on my server, thanks and bye!!!

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