Hiryu 4 2300+ RRD S4 by Hiryu
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Malfurion ( Shadowburn )
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PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING. Download the damn movie and dont stream it from filefront. Filefront stream leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Do not rate this video based on BG opponents. All clips were recorded from our *grind* 2000-2260. With a record of 75-3 finishing at #1 3v3. Video has little editing because i want real time capture for this.

Disclaimer: If you dont like perception, alliance rogue, RRD, 3v3, or arena. Dont watch it. Save yourself the trolling attempt. Please also note *this video was semi-complete* Both Lycra and I have both quit wow. :*(

Hiryu (anthraxx) here again for my last movie. After toping rank #4 in 2v2 as mage/rogue. And rank #2 as RR with Lycra, we both have split to fullfill our needs in 2v2. Lycra has since topped #1 in 2v2 in two bg's Shadowburn and Emberstorm. Our idea was to recreate RRD and surprise people in 3v3. Our rush down experience in 2v2, scaled so well in our 3v3 setup. Our comp is completely reliant on A. Two rogues perform on one target. And B. how well the druid can CC one target.

I tried numerous times to catch the top 10 teams for matches and record them. Take this with a grain of salt, we were que dodged quite a bit. Since then i was never able to grasp top 10 matches. But all vids we recorded in our grind from 2k -2260+. This is my final movie. Ty and please keep in mind this was 3/4 of a unfinished product.

Song list -

Nickatina Andre - Close N Personal
Pendulum - Tarantula
Static X - Control it
Pendulum - Propane Nightmares
Celldweller - The Last Firstborn.
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