Malygos - Server First Kill Northrend PvE by Nobunaga
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Silver Hand ( Bloodlust )
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Malygos, "Heroic" 25 Man, Northrend Server's First Kill

Greetings Flamers, Trolls, Lorekeepers, Raiders etc,

Yes the file is huge, yes aspect ratio is a smidge off, and yes the video freezes for a minute or two just past halfway due to alt-tabbing, but I just thought I'd leave this here...

Northrend PvE Server first kill of Malygos the Spell-Weaver. And yes, Kill. He dies... players kill an eternal immortal Aspect of Magic.

Before anyone asks about spec, for 25 man raids i run a "Gimp with Candy" spec as I call it. Since, during raids on the Beta, it is a rarity for anyone to spec into raid-wide utility, I created a spec to maximize a single Death Knight's raid buffing utility. A single DK when specced this way will:

Give 80 (stacking) Resistance of all types to everyone in the raid as well as pets..
Give 2% Leech effect to everyone in raid as well as pets. This also applies to vehicles (important in Phase 3).
Slows mob attack and cast speed by 16%
Gives the raid and pets 20% Melee Attack Speed..
Increases Attack Power of everyone in raid by 10%
Mark of Blood, Hysteria and variety of other raid utility abilities.

This video is presented as RAW and unedited. It contains ventrilo and all 3 phases of the fight. Yes it's 300mb, and the streaming of the video sucks. Download it, enjoy the clarity and size. Enjoy.

Talent Spec:
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