Sum Warrier is Shield by Ragious
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stonemaul ( Cyclone )
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NOTE: Added link to second version to make you all happy. Don't think moderators would appreciate having 2 copies, so you'll have to DL from filefront.

Here I am with Rootntootin and friends getting our thump on some 1700-2200 teams by binding everything to hamstring and MS and facerolling my keyboard.

No... The quality of the matchups in this clip aren't great, but it's intended to encapsulate my BC PvP in a little WMV bank and also greatly to demonstrate some neat little tricks I like to use that were easy to describe in video format.

Edit: I never intended to get this kind of response and was super afraid all the Pro's would be critique'ing the heck out of it- The original concept was just to focus on the very small things that make up fights in Arena, which is something I struggled the most with when I first started, so it was aimed completely at newer/less experienced warriors and even other classes. There were very few vids around that slowed down and actually showed me in-game examples of why they were winning instead of being stuck in the 1700's like I was at one time. The strategies and information you get out of normal/full speed fights in other videos and guides in places like ArenaJunkies are generally useful and hold true to a certain extent (read: Rating), but they don't win games in and of themselves by just "killing pets" or "win the mana war". I wanted this to spotlight those little things that I had to learn the hard way, so FWIW that's why there aren't many full matches and so much slow-down in key moments- I wanted everyone of any skill/experience level to be able to watch it and understand the movie. I did throw in a few longer fights at the end which are difficult comps to deal with sometimes.

The low-rating fights or any poor performance seen by opponents is not something I wanted, but essentially I'm out of time with Fraps, HDD space, and motivation to pre-compress everything with VirtualDub when there's 2 weeks left before the patch hits. I did record some 2100-2200 fights but to be perfectly honest they were pretty uneventful/boring to watch, which is kind of the nature of it. 2100 and beyond is really just like 1800-2000, except with much fewer mess-ups from either team. So mostly I'm just getting across a few neat little moves (IE throwing some ice cream sprinkles on a pile of feces and calling it good).


Slam- Not normalized, so it does equal or greater damage than MS/WW with approximately double the rage efficiency. This allows damage output to remain steady during both rage-starvation and situations where WW/MS are on cooldown/need to be saved. The timing in the video is occasionally poor which is mostly due to Fraps making my computer almost catch on fire, but I intentionally left those moments in to demonstrate the consequences of mis-timing, which range from little to harsh.

Deathfrost- Not a lot of very obvious instances dedicated to how it works, but it's there. This enchant is so underrated IMHO that I used it to go 2200+ with on my S3 2-hander. IE, I enchanted it over Executioner for Warrior/ me retarded, it worked great. It's not something you can really put through a spreadsheet and compare to Executioner, but I believe it's better 60%+ of the time for War/Druid. I wouldn't necessarily go recommending people actually try that, as it probably only competes well with Executioner strictly with a Druid in 2's, but it is IMO by far at least the best enchant you can apply to a PvP 1h. I've since put Executioner back on my 2h for other comps. It's difficult to directly see the benefit of it from a 1h, but if you sit in roots/novas/out of LOS with your 1h/shield out whenever you can, rest assured it is working some kind of voodoo magix on CC'ers very consistently.

Weapon Mastery- And getting away with not having it. You can minimize the disarm punishment to almost nothing by pushing your attention span out a little bit. The other side affect of trading 1.5 seconds of wasted time for a free 5 rage crit is not game-breaking enough to worry about IMO. If it were 2% expertise it might be different. Edit for more questions: When you swap weapons, your swing timer is reset and you get an artificial global cooldown. So that means the the most effective way to do this without losing any time is to wait for an auto-attack and use a GCD (a move) at the same time, and immediately after that use your swap macro. Or when you know you won't/can't swing at anything anyway in the next 3.6 seconds. That applies in both directions, swapping back and forth, so you still take at least one swing with your Chained weapon before switching to your main. The video doesn't show 100% perfect swaps, (I don't wait long enough and miss auto-attacks) but gives you the idea. When I recorded these I was just starting to get used to it. Obviously, if you don't have time to wait for a swing before getting disarmed, you go ahead and swap hopefully right before he/she does it and still face them for a chance to dodge/parry it.

Heavy Shield/throw weapon use- Arena to me is all based on recognizing and responding correctly to other teams' actions, and to a greater (and more often ignored) extent, playing in a manner that other players aren't accustomed to, or know how to respond to (or can't). This is where things like focus windows, Shield Bash, and Spell Reflect come in with great utility. Not something 3/5 Flurry really provides IMO. There is nothing like seeing a high-rated Mage or Druid or something interrupting their own Cyclones to Rank 1 Moonfire you and re-cast Cyclone before you even actually reflect anything, because they're THAT scared of getting it back in their face for the 5th straight time. Or stacking 3-5 sunders on something and immediately swapping to the Druid coming around the corner who's showing up for the party in caster form with no hots. Messing up a team's mojo is at best a great strategy against counter-comps, and at worst makes for some good video/laughs. In my experience any time you can derail someone's regular train of thought, it tends to make their overall strategy and execution go kind of haywire, even if you didn't do anything useful or possibly could have HURT yourself if they had responded correctly (IE, sundering something up and then immediately switching to a healer, or get someone to 40% hp and switch instead of finishing).

There are other things in the video that can't really be highlighted or described well, such as how powerful Imp Demoshout actually is (5 pts of it is nearly the same as stripping someone of all their gems; compare this to wider/longer shouts or 5 pts into a talent that provides less rage than 1 pt in Anger Management, which is less than 20/min). The reason is because when people die in Arena, it is almost always a "barely died". IE, your druid comes out of cyclone and pops NS and JUST misses the heal. It isn't about overall damage/mana- it's about how dropping mele attack power to a certain amount can nearly all but remove the possibility of them finishing a gib on someone during a CC combo.
There is also some selective pummeling, or a few times where you see I could easily have pummeled but didn't. Some I just miss, but a portion of those times where I don't do it in the vid is because we're trying to win via mana war, and there is no need: If the heal or damage spell isn't going to kill/save anyone, you're sort of delaying them from becoming OOM by stopping it and even buying them more time to DPS you while you waste a GCD/your own time tabbing over to do it.

So here: Have some enjoyments!

Here, have some mods too... got a lot of people asking.

Oldschool CTmod for side buffs (so awesome), and button layout since I already have it for buffs. Everything else from CT off. The actual binds/macro bars are hidden and what's showing is another copy to monitor some cooldowns.

"EasyRage" from Cursegaming, small mod that I modified for the size/colors. Basically erased half of the .lua, then put some conditionals in for 10 rage, 25 rage, 30, etc.

Oldschool Archud because I play on a 40" TV and my eyes kill me watching my health otherwise. Nearly the same reason for the Easyrage mod, except I actually really depend on seeing rage in numerical form rather than a bar.

LD50_Abar for swing timer, which seems to be a little more accurate than Quartz IMO. The only flaw is the bar resets whenever you switch targets, which I just have gotten accustomed to watching for whenever I push tab.

X_perl unitframes.

Mad World-Gary Jules
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Clutter-Ronald Jenkees
Pink Cellphone-Deftones
Angel-Massive Attack
Sippin on some Syrup-Three 6 Mafia.
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