Botting the AV by Holdem
Class: Shaman | Category: Other | Server : EU - Thrall ( Glutsturm )
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Movie Summary
just destealthin some stupid new Bots at the Alteracvalley - 17 of 34 of hordish players were Bots these day!

seems like no justice for non-glider-freaks...

it realy pisses me off, seeing every day such stupid bots farming thousands of honor, while i have to wait an grind all the needed honor by myself - and now the joke:

these bot-accounts are still playing...

ho ho ho

edit: @all of the sissys in comments:
i did extra use earthshock to show all visitors the demount of bots while a senseless attack...
also the movie should not ever become a highrendered topedited pvp-ultra-pro-movie, it just show you the horrible amount of bots in bgs today.
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