PvP Ed: Warsong Gulch by Prime Productions
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Do you ever find yourself playing a PvP match in World of Warcraft, and realize that everyone on your team either has Down syndrome, or the attention span of a toddler? If they do not have one of these, then surely there must be a video out there that misinforms people about the correct strategies to use when engaged in battleground combat?

If you've ever felt that way during your time in WoW, particularly in Warsong Gulch, then perhaps your fellow teammates watched the following video, and have actually lost intelligence because of it. But since nobody ever takes the time to read these descriptions before streaming the video, then hope has already been lost for you, my friend. You have been warned...

Entered in the 2008 Blizzcon Contest.

Edit: I just want to say thanks to everyone so far that has taken the time to watch my movie and have left positive remarks. Even those that didn't enjoy it, it's very appreciated that some of you were very specific as to why you didn't like it or where I can improve. This is my first WoW machinima movie and I learned a great deal from it. I hope to do more in the future and I'm confident that the next one will be even better! :)

Edit 2: A couple more things I should probably mention... Yes, the beginning and ending scenes were taken from the movie Dodgeball. It was one of the most enjoyable scenes from that movie to me and this sort of pays homage to that. Secondly, this movie is not a disgruntled response to my inability to PvP or win battleground matches. Simply a humorous approach to a few frustrations I know myself and others have shared. So please take it for what it is and enjoy it!.
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