The Gnomeregan revenge : RED ALERT by Odessa
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Hello, maybe you have see the trailer of my movie a month ago, so here we are. this is the first episode of my trilogy named

The Gnomeregan Revenge : RED ALERT

This movie will display an hypothetic war between a soviet gnomish faction and the alliance ! imagine a world where arthas would be kill before invade the world
imagine if gnomes could increase their power.
imagine if gnomes will invades us all x(

- The first episode, (this one) show the event before the war

- The second and third episode in a few month will show the war itself, i'm already working on this.

This version is in French and Russian (the gnomes are speaking russian.. yeah.. i made efforts to make a original version with voice you but it's subtitle in english of course

All the soft used and music are in the credits.

Please download and comment, i worked a lot on it and i enjoy all the comment, the good one like the bad one.

thanks for advance for your comment and have a good time watching my machinima :)

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