World of Retcraft by paniczone
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Bonechewer ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
Hey everyone! I made this video to show just how crazy powerful ret pallies are right now.

Okay, I guess some people don't understand why I made this video. People are saying it's just a resto druid QQing about how OP ret pallies are. Sorry, but that is completely wrong. I made this to show that even a crappy ret pally (crappy skill, crappy gear) can succeed just because the way the class works NOW. The people I play against suck. Period. This was just made for entertainment and it feels like some people take it personally or something when I fight someone who doesn't have all that much skill. If I was fighting pros I would obviously lose.

So stop downrating because you say I am crappy or whatnot, that's completely beside the point of the video.

This video shows Bgs, a bit of world pvp, and duels against level 70's with WAY better gear than me.

I think ret pallies might need a little nerf, but compared to how much they sucked before, it's pretty fun :P

This is not meant to display any sort of skill. So go watch neilyo or something if you want that.

Note that the stream is messed up with the music syncing. The filefront one especially some parts of the music don't go with the video when they should. (download it :P).
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