Diary of a Madman - Episode 1 by Cromfel
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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Diary of a Madman - Warlock PvP (SoulLink)

First of all, I wanted make pvp video that includes only fighting lvl 60 people in fair conditions. 2nd, at beginning I tried give my enemys equal change to fight back, and by that I didnt want to "jump" on anyone. Why? I hate seeing videos of people spanking fellas that are doomed to loose from beginning.

Trust me, its very hard to find good opponents, Even tho I tried get equal start for combat. Its like finding Epic drop from world mob, if u ever find good pvp opponent (Not saying good players havent ganked me). There are few 1vs3 and 1vs2 fights also, and I define good fight to be one where you and your opponent are both at 1% hp/mana at end. You wont see Seduce/ShadowBolt crap in this video because personally I dislike that tactic (Nothing personal to Ruin Locks, thats just me mad here).

This is "the real thing" after my duel pvp teaser video. By that I didnt want to do the old fashioned Plaguelands pvp. I planned to hit Silithus due it being reworked and by that it had high overall enemy rates. Other parts of the video are just for having fun. I have no intention of trying act superdupermegahyper Warlock, this is just
99% of my fights during few days I dedicated to pvp after previous video. Main purpose was only to have fun!

Make sure u have proper Codecs & Player for videos:


Gordian Knot



Chapter1 - Fair game episode 1 (Fooling around)

Chapter2 - Fair game episode 2 (More serious)

Chapter3 - 2 Duels (Asked by DuelVideo feedback)

Chapter4 - Bye bye fair game... Time to rock!

Chapter5 - Back to normal pvp.

Chapter6 - My 1 man raid to undercity (I really hoped for more horde!)

Additional info:

- My build -


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