Voidwalker tanks Gruul by Jaedys
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Grim Batol ( Misery )
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This is a short video of me and my Voidwalker Krakmon tanking Gruul.
Just to clarify, the Warrior that you saw running around at the start didnt (ninja) pull on prupose, this being a PuG will allways have it's share of unfortunate events.
Good thing is that people picked it up quickly enough (eventho i forgot to use Demonic Empowerment at the start to taunt him, so some people got hurt :P).
The healer that healed the Voidwalker together with me DCed in the middle of the fight (Hes in my party) so he took some damage then, but we managed to pick it up again :)

With DE up the Voidwalker has a little more then 30.000 HP. Im using Improved Health Funnel to make him take 30% less damage and also because we only had 4 healers including me (2 to keep up the raid, 1 healer and me keeping up the Voidwalker).

Sadly soon the threat of the Voidwalker will be nerfed so i thought i should upload this before that.
Also i would like to add that Krakmon (my sexy blueberry) succesfully tanked Magtheridon earlyer that night and entire Zul Aman the night before.
Would have loved to post my video of soloing Onyxia, but i got beaten to it by Gabzz (big gratz btw, nicely done!).

The reason i am wearing this crap gear is because i cant be arsed to put stamina gems in and put stamina enchants on my actual gear, so you can see this as my Voidwalker kit :P (mainly being (old and unused) PvP gear and for example Amani Divining Staff with stamina gems).

Last, i know its not the best quality and there is no editing in it but i have to say even if i tried it would still be crap, afterall it's only a little showcase of what the VW can do these days :)

Jaedys, UD Warlock on Grim Batol EU..
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