The Orchard by Dan Ross
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Movie Summary

An age old petty rivalry at this Brewfest's Southshore Apple Pie contest escalates as 7 time champion Old Margaret seeks to claim her 8th consecutive victory.

But as rivalries age they fester and rot to bitterness, and when one desperate farmer risks stealing Old Margaret's recipe under the cover of night, strange events begin to transpire...


Without further ado, turn out the lights, turn up the volume and ENJOY!


Directed and Edited By:
Dan Ross

Written By:
Dan Ross
Nochtis (of Magtheridon-US)

Sound Design By:
Glenn X. Govan, �Caruu�

Voice Actors:
Mike Dunahee - Jealous Farmer
(Also known for voicing Mograine from TotP 3)
Carole Dunahee - Old Margaret
Glenn X. Govan - Farmhand

For those interested, here is the link to my submission from last years Christmas contest:

[The Ultimate Snowdown]

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Dan Ross
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