Alca 5 - Mage 3.0 PvP by Alca
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
I made the movie in around 8 hour, or within 2 days + the duels in that time. It shows what i can do on a daily basis, means each single battleground.
Because of that it might not be the OMG Godlike edited awesomeskillz movie, it just might be a little showcasing of what you can do with some specs and the amount of haste i have (215)
Maybe you can pickup some tricks!
The movie was mainly made for the chinese mage community, because i promised them a 5th part, thats why i probably wont put it on, but if you think i should up it there, this thread is the best opportunity to tell me that.

The movie consists of:
61/0/0 Arcane, 17/0/44 Frost(2 old scenes), 7/0/54 Deep Frost

Intro (Naruto Intro)

3 Duels against Haji(Shadowdancedagger) (The Neptunes - Its almost over now (Remix))
(aliasKunai, highest rated rogue/mage on cyclone (2,3k) and also rank1 in all brackets on Blutdurst)

Arcane Battleground Scenes (some random japanese song)
Arcane Battleground Scenes with Inflame in Team (Good Charlotte - Victims of love)

1 Duel against Buliar(Deepfrost) (Good Charlotte - Victims of love)
(the mage of kunais rogue mage, a long time #1 in all Brackets on Blutdurst and #1 SK 100)

Deep Frost Battleground Scenes (Hoobastank - Same Direction) (yes its oldsql and overused!)
Deep Frost Battleground Scenes (Strung Out - Analog)
Deep Frost Battleground Scenes + Ending (Chris Brown - Say Goodbye)

BONUS (Disturbed - Sons of Plunder)

Careful, Much explosives in this movie!
BTW: (Had to change my grenade Keybind, so the usage isnt as fast and as good as in Alca 3)

Alca .
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