The Scourge - Teaser by Nico Sanft
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Movie Summary
Cold Entertainment proudly presents their newest teaser for the upcoming WoW-Machinima "The Scourge".

After months, this is the top of sweat, hard work and sleepless nights.
The Teaser introduces the story of our upcoming Machinima "The Scourge", but also the new motivation and fun we had producing this.
So simply enjoy watching and we hope you'll like it!
(To wait for the Machinima in 2009 )
Some information by the way:
The story of the Machinima will start pre Warcraft 3 and is about a human peasant. We'll follow him through the scourge war, but this time he is not one of the good guys..
Everything else would be a spoiler and thats not what we want to do!

1. Currently we are a two-man project, this means: in near future we need good voice actors.
2. There is need for somebody with deep lore-knowledge and the feeling for a good story, too (we want to have our story checked and maybe corrected).
3. We are from Germany and well, our english is not very literary, so we need a translator.
Reasons for developing this Teaser:
Well, first of all to announce our machinima and further to search for support.
Secondly it was a training for us, the quality is almost doubled since our last test and we want to go on with this development (so you can expect more).
The Teaser is not here for telling a whole story, it gives an idea of what will happen, but also if you know the whole lore of warcraft 3 you know nearly nothing about the machinima.
It's a seperated part (scourge point of view) and tells happenings parallel to the warcraft 3 timeline, but there are still some links.
Expect mystery, action and drama.

Ah yes, we really want to do this and we do not want to drop the project (also when it takes more time than planned). You can be nearly sure, you will see a great machinima.
We had worked months for this teaser, changed story, scenes and so on.
So time is not a relevant factor for us, we want to present a perfect Machinima.
Yours sincerely
Nico Sanft and Sebastian Hänisch
PS: If you want to help us, simply send a pm to our Cold Entertainment Account or write us an email..
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