No Point: Stretching Time *TRAILER* by BaronSoosdon
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Movie Summary

This is a trailer for my upcoming machinima, called "No Point: Stretching Time".

It is a mixture of model changes, action, multigame machinima and surrealistic fantasy. In contrast to my previous works, this one has a lot of plot elements.

I have been working on this movie since march of this year (though the movie was on hold for a couple of months).

The plan is to release No Point: Stretching Time before 2009, but I have no intention of rushing it.

Some facts about the movie:
- There will be no voice acting
- The movie will be about 30 minutes long
- The soundtrack will consist of trance + movie score music
- There will be no rickrolls

Featuring model changes by:

Music used
"Widescreen (directors cut mix)"
by First & Andre

Clip from the movie!
For all those interested, here is a small clip from the movie. It is from a very old and early version of the movie, having gone through lots of tweaks by now.

(NO! It's not a rickroll! I swear!)

For more info when this movie will be out and stuff, see my blog at
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