The Sunwell Experience Part II by Wolfchamane
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - C'Thun ( Crueldad )
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The Sunwell Experience

by High Quality

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Name: The Sunwell Experience Part II
PoV: Atha - Feral Druid
Director: Arturo Martinez (aka 'Wolfchamane')
Edited by: Wolfchamane's Productions
This is the second release of our progress in Sunwell Plateau.

After the First Kill of Felmyst, we saddenly spent too much time in Eredar Twins, at last after 3 hard days
of try after try we managed to take 'em down!

For the last part, M'uru (if all goes right) and Kil'Jaeden.

Notice: Felmyst First Kill takes places on 2nd November, and
Eredar's one at 4th November.

Techs details:

Compressed with latest XviD codecs.

High Definition [HD] 1920x1080 resolution.

LameMP3 320kbps audio codecs.

Dolby Sorround (just where available).

370MB file.

11mins runtime.

Tools (also listed at credits):
Sony Vegas Video 7.0
Beepa Fraps
WoWModelViewer 0.5 FU
Adobe Photoshop CS3
PsPAD Editor
World of Warcraft 3.0.2

Images and sounds are property of Activision Blizzard (C) 2004-2008

Soundtrack (also listed at credits):
Tyler Bates - Cursed by beauty
X-Ray Dog - Project X Speed
Tyler Bates - Immortals battle
Metallica - Suicide & Redemption
X-Ray Dog - Bigfoot
Tyler Bates - The hot gates
Tenacious D - Classico

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