ACIDDAGGER 7- Acidd does Retadin, 60 AV + Arenas by Acidagger
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
60 Retribution Paladin
Cho'gall (Alliance)

I have had the pleasure of getting sony vegas back, thus my quality and editing are a bit better than they previously were :)

Acidd 5

Sup everyone this is aciddagger with my 7th video. The patch has sparked my interest in many new classes and specs, ret pala's being one of them. I leveled this character up in around a day played and started to pvp with him a bit. My gear is poor, most of it being low level mail, i still have a couple pieces of scarlet lol. Vitalizing my spec and a healer in bg's allows me to take on numerous opponents at once. I'm not sure if i will stay on this character or not for wotlk, probably not though.

-This video contains level 60 pvp only
-This is a 3.0 ret paladin video
-This video contains techno music
-The music is listed in the credits
-My main is a rogue for those who don't know
-By no means am i an experienced paladin
-The video was recorded with a days footage, basically what i am able to do in every AV consistently.

Sorrens Timers (Replacement Necb, combat timers)
Dominos (used to hide most things, and for my binds)
AG Unit Frames (configure as classic frames/borders)
Quartz (used to change my casting bar)
Error Monster (Hides the red error messages)
Bagnon (combines all my bags into one)
RicoMiniMap (Map configuration mod)

Hope you enjoy the video, i'm leveling a mage as well...
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