Saragon - Color by Saragon
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Twisting Nether ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
***Quick Heads up***
[My character has been renamed from SARAGON to KEIGAN] So you will see the name Keigan appear in the movie rather then Saragon.

The Quality of the Download is near in-game Quality, meaning very pleasant on the eyes :). I therefore STRONGLY recommend downloading OR using the TORTUN BETA stream from WCM itself.***

Right, my first movie to be wholly focused on duels.

This is my "Color" I love to play underdog specs and climb the highest mountains. Before Mutilate was the underdog, and now I've had to find a new one with the recent Mutilate buffs.

What won't you get to see?
- Flawless victories.
- Beating every opponent atleast once.
- Mutilate.

So what the hell are you going to see?
- Fast paced easy-goin movie like always.
- Rogue playing an underpowered spec ( 33/0/28 )
- Playing his best against some of the strongest players/classes/specs.
- Doin' nifty little things like cloaking Hammer of Justice and exposing and opening without breaking sap or blind.

Why did I suddenly spec away from Mutilate after playing it for 4 seasons? I mean, it got buffed didn't it?

Yup it got buffed alright, and thus every rogue and his pet spacemidget in a wheelybin is playing it. And with alot of new players discovering Mutilate we see alot of Mutilate movies. I will not showcase something done and seen.

My other movies revolving around arena with Mutilate can be found here:

Saragon - Free - Mid-Season 3.

Saragon - Plan B - Season 3 start.

Saragon - DoA - Season 1.

For me Mutilate has lost its challenge, it's become a spammable, highly damaging attack. And I found myself looking for something that gave me more to work for. And I found it in the Overkill/Master of Sublety spec (33/0/28).

Highly revolving around openers it requires you to be wary of your cooldowns and with an energy inefficient main attack you need to be careful what to use and when. Before you know it, you've used preparation and are like a fish on land.

Music is listed at the end of the movie, I have nothing more to add than, TURN UP THE DAMN VOLUME AND ENJOY :D.


Outro song is Naruto Ending Theme - Wind.

The addon for changing in-game font is Scrolling Combat Text. You can also paste your own fonts in the directory of that mod. You just have to back up the old fonts and rename your new fonts to the existing ones.


Miks Scrolling Battle Text
Elk Buff ( and debuff) Bars.
Aguf Unitframes.
Quartz Castbars.
Color Combopoints.
Scrolling Combat Text (For Font application only)

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