Dragma Balance PvP 3 by Dragma
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Tarren Mill ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Hey everyone :)

I am back with my 3th Balance PvP movie
Since my 2th movie (AFK) 1 year ago my chara was hacked (thats why its called AFK ).
i got the chara back but not the gear
so when i started playing again At the start of Season 4, i had to gear my Chara back from the scratch.
In Patch 3.0.2 us Moonkins got a major buff, we have the advantage vs most classes in 1v1

In the movie there will be 1v2 Arena and some Duels just like in my first and second Balance Movie. A few clips was mixed up in the rush of getting it released before Wrath ( seems i still was abit slow) also in the 1v1 fights, i did not use Treants or Starfall :) since i saw every new druid movie use the "i win Button " treants.
There wont be any specal High crits in the movie.. if your looking for crits then dont watch. i know it might get boring to watch,this more is simply more about the Balance Druid playstyle and what it can do with a few quick tips here and there.
I hope you will Enjoy :)

PS maybe alot seems like iv been copying after other ppl.. but i started this project 4 weeks ago other have simply released it before me :)

Music - WARNING No Metal !
i will follow my style as i used in the past movies ( Electronic music ) but iv also added a Rock song
and belive it a not a rap tune :) i dont normaly listen to rap, but this "Pumps" me up for PvP. The Track list is in the end

If the Interested becomes large.. i will upload the tunes

I dont think there will be another movie by me.. atleast not around the corner since im soon going into the Norwegian army for a year :)

Addons -

Afflicted UI ( for Enemy Cooldowns )
Power Auras ( to show Wrath of the Elune proc etc)
Bartender 4
X Perl Unit Frames
Quartz (casting bar)
HotCandy ( HoT timers)

Armory link : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Tarren%20Mill&n=Dragma

PSS sorry for Bad English :(.
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