Zanyu Ultimate Warrior, Arena 3.0 by zanyu
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : US - Malfurion ( Shadowburn )
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zanyu's Arena Team 1
Yamisithlord Felstriker Dunstock Zanyu Shuken
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zanyu's Arena Team 2
Felstriker Zanyu Shuken
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zanyu's Arena Team 3
Heidiheinken Zanyu Livingtent
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Most of my opponents are gladiators and either have s3 or s4 shoulders.

This is a pure arena video, all content is post patch 3.0. (Excluding credits)

The credits shows my 3dps team in 3s and the same 5s before 3.0.

As Wrath is coming out soon, the footage for any high end arena is limited.
For 5s I run a warrior 4DPS comp consisting of:
Elemental Shaman
Felguard Lock
Fire Mage
Holy Paladin
Arms Warrior.

Rank 4 in Shadowburn

Because a lack of fury arena footage with the new talent titan's grip, this movie contains mostly 3s footage running fury warrior, ret paladin, resto shaman.

Though fury warriors are still inferior to arms warrior in arena, it's still quite fun to screw around with.


Feel free to leave any comments or questions.
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