Mage-lvling by Neyko
Class: Mage | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Antonidas ( Todbringer )
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Hey guys

In fact I was pretty unmotivated getting my rogue on lvl 80.
And I was sure that i certainly won't do the same thing with my mage...

So the movie shows u, how to lvl a twinkmage along the way in a truly effective method:

U'll see that my mage has blue xp-bar because i'm playing the rogue mainly, then I log on my mage all 2-3 days to rush 5 runs in Utgarde and get the bonus-xp

It's still effective without blue xp-bar, but if you have any problems with doing it, go on questing.

Most important thing is the way of pulling the mobs.
-make sure that u pull the pat
-try to get the mob in target which can dispell the blizzard slow

Advise: in my footage, there were some circumstances that normally shouldn't happen. It's to show, that it is worth doing it, when u do it right.

I hope u learnt something, ty for watching
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